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a mix of all my interests, whatever they happen to be. expect a lot of Nintendo, Pokemon, fashion and pixiv art.


whatever else marvel does from here on out. at least I will always have cap 2

Reposting & Editing Artworks.


Hi guys,

I really didn’t want to make this kind of post but I recently came across many websites using and editing my art without permission. Just this week I came across 4-5 sites taking my work and cutting off the watermarks, all without permission.

I also came across this tumblr: that stole 5-6 of my artworks and took out my watermarks and edited them. They didn’t respond to any of my messages so I had to file a report to have them taken down. They are still stealing artwork from other artists, including several people I know on DA and getting hundreds of notes on each post. Since expressing my frustration to them has been of no use, please avoid that blog and stop reblogging stuff from there. It’s so frustrating to artists that put so much time into their works only to have people like this steal it, completely disrespecting the people who created them. :/ 

With that said, I do not mind people using my art for personal stuff, such as wallpapers and iphone screens, you don’ t need to ask me for that. What I am not okay with is people taking it without asking, editing and taking out my watermark, and putting it on their blog/site with not even a link back to the original. This is rude and ruins the integrity of the original piece, just because I put it online does not give people the right to do that. It’s not just me, but other artists as well, please respect their hard work. 

With that said, I appreciate those of you who do ask me :) And despite those issues, I truly enjoy sharing my art with you all.


i literally have no idea what im gonna do if i dont end up rich



do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

Soon, so soon

If the signs were mythological creatures:
-Aries: Werewolf
-Taurus: Hell hound
-Gemini: Doppelgänger
-Cancer: Banshee
-Leo: Fairy
-Virgo: Angel
-Libra: Nymph
-Scorpio: Siren
-Sagittarius: Ghost
-Capricorn: Mermaid
-Aquarius: Vampire
-Pisces: Shapeshifter
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